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Amarnarain Industries Private Limited is Asia’s No.1 HiTec Innovative Plant of Ferric Ammonia Alum, Ferric Alum , Non Ferric Alum, Potash Alum 7 Soda Alum. Mr. Ishan Garg is a Founder & Director of M/s. Amarnarain Industries Private Limited – Rajau Paraspur,¬† Bareilly¬† in the state of Uttar Pradesh – India.¬†

Amarnarain Industries Private Limited has started in 1993 with the largest installed capacity of 24000 metric tons/yearly. It is Asia’s No. 1 Mega Innovative Plant spread over in 1,00,000 Sq. Feet land area and constructed in 26,000 Sq. Feet area in Bareilly-Uttar Pradesh, India. We are manufacturer of Ammonia Alum Ferric & Non-Ferric Alum ( Powder , Lumps , Slabes ).

Amarnarain Industries on 2001 with the installed capacity of 3600 metric tons/yearly in the state of Uttar Pradesh – Bareilly.